1. Basic corporate management policy

We call our group’s philosophy the Sansan “Katachi” and our corporate mission is “Turning encounters into innovation.” In this mission, we are engaged in business activities aimed at creating services that serve as solutions for the numerous issues faced by both companies and individual businesspeople. Through our activities we aim to generate the maximum corporate and shareholder value.

2. Management indicator goals

In the Sansan division, the key indicators in achieving a continuous and cumulative increase in sales are the number of contracts and the contract retention rate (cancellation rate). In the Eight division, our operations look to increasing the number of users as an important indicator.

3. Company medium- and long-term management strategy

A. Further growth of Sansan business

We have established a series of business processes from marketing activities to new orders, leading to continued stable growth. We will actively implement measures encouraging further future growth.

We are working to expand the number of contracts by establishing a sales system for large corporations, and by developing a wide range of sales activities though our domestic and international offices. At the same time, acquiring large-scale contracts under which services are used by all employees of the customer company, and by promoting additional services that provide new added value are all part of our efforts to increase sales per contract.

In addition, by leveraging the vast amount of contact data we possess, Sansan works with other software services within the customer company, enabling us to become a core business platform. We will continue to enhance the extensibility of the platform and open the doors to new business opportunities. 

In particular, we will make use of our Open API to make more functions available for integration with external applications, and strengthen and accelerate the collaboration between Sansan and SFA (Sales Force Automation), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MA (Marketing Automation, and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools. In the Sansan application, the provision of news and updates, including company information and career information, means that we want to be a source not only of contact information, but aim to be a hub of all business information.

B. Monetization of the Eight Business

In 2015, we launched Eight Premium, a paid service for individuals providing expanded usage capabilities. To accelerate the monetization of the business, we will be putting more focus on the development of paid services for companies, including Eight Ads, which delivers advertising to Eight users. Eight Corporate Premium is a service enabling in-house sharing of business cards in Eight; we will continue to develop this service with small companies of up to 20 employees as the core target. The Eight Career Design service, allowing for recruiting-related approaches to users, allows us to provide significant value by establishing a unique position in the employment market.