1. Basic corporate management policy

We call our group’s philosophy the Sansan “Katachi” and our corporate mission is “Turning encounters into innovation.” In this mission, we are engaged in business activities aimed at creating services that serve as solutions for the numerous issues faced by both companies and individual businesspeople. Through our activities we aim to generate the maximum corporate and shareholder value.

2. Management indicator goals

The Group focuses on the growth of consolidated net sales. In the Sansan Business, the key indicators in achieving a continuous and cumulative increase in net sales are the number of contracts and the contract retention rate (cancellation rate). In the Eight Business, our operations look to increasing net sales of B2B services and the number of users as important indicators.

3. Company medium- and long-term management strategy

A. Further growth of Sansan business

Having established a series of business processes extending from marketing activities to the receiving of new orders, we continue to generate consistent growth and will actively implement various measures to achieve further growth going forward. More specifically, we will take steps to further heighten our service value by bringing about more widespread use of newly introduced “Virtual Cards” function, particularly given the prevailing environment in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will also promote the “Sansan Plus” strategy of heightening the value of Sansan as a component of the Sansan business platform largely by equipping the Sansan service with various functions that encourage data use. In addition, we will work to increase our number of subscriptions largely by strengthening our sales structure and developing a wide range of sales activities through our domestic and international offices as we’ve been doing thus far. We will also work to gain large-scale subscriptions premised on the notion of all staff members in a user company accessing the services (company-wide use) and promoting greater service use among existing customers. Through these ongoing initiatives, we will take steps to further increase net sales per subscription.


B. Monetization of the Eight Business

In order to more rapidly monetize the business overall, we will strengthen development of our various B2B services such as our “Eight Company Premium” service that allows in-house sharing of business cards registered on the “Eight” platform, and our “Eight Marketing Solutions” service that enables advertisements to be disseminated to “Eight” users. In addition, we aim to further increase our user count by offering greater convenience particularly with respect to “Virtual Cards” function.


C. Development of new services

We have embarked on new business opportunities that involve media formats other than business cards, drawing on our technologies for digitizing business cards at 99.9% accuracy which we developed in conjunction with the “Sansan” and “Eight” platforms. Such business pursuits include our online invoice receiving solution “Bill One” and our “Contract One” solution for digitizing contractual documents. We will redouble our efforts to develop such services going forward. Largely with the aim of preventing further spread of COVID-19, companies have been striving to diversify working arrangements by setting up remote work measures, while also calling for greater productivity. Amid that scenario, substantial challenges persist particularly in terms of the notion that many employees must maintain a physical presence in the workplace in order to gain access to and process paper documents with respect to invoicing and contractual work. When it comes to services that address such challenges inherent in remote work and BCP (business continuity plans), we will establish business processes that underpin those services and otherwise engage in efforts geared to providing such services consistently.


D. Recruiting and training outstanding talent

For the Group to achieve sustainable growth, it is crucial that we hire many talented professionals with diverse career backgrounds, and then improve our sales, development and managerial structures. We have been actively engaging in recruitment efforts geared to hiring highly motivated and talented professionals who share an understanding of the Group’s mission and business activities and will furthermore persist with our efforts to establish work environments and arrangements that substantially fuel employee motivation.


E. Continuous strengthening of the management system

Given that the Group handles substantial volumes of personal information, it is crucial that we continuously strengthen our system for managing information. We continue to take the utmost care with respect to implementing measures for safeguarding personal information, and we will persist in our efforts to strengthen and maintain our in-house systems and management approaches in that regard going forward.


F. Enhancing technological strengths

Our technological capabilities for digitizing business card data constitute the wellspring of the Group’s competitive strengths and act as a common platform underpinning growth of both our Sansan Business and Eight Business segments. As such, we must continuously improve and strengthen such technological capabilities. We will accordingly engage in initiatives to improve our technological capabilities through efforts that involve hiring outstanding technical experts while also investing in and monitoring cutting-edge technologies.