Moving toward Sansan as business infrastructure, continually driving innovation

Our group has developed its business with the mission of Turning encounters into innovation. At the outset of 2021, however, for the first time since our founding, we set forth Become business infrastructure as our vision. This articulates the aim we should take on as a company. The services we have created thus far, and the value they provide, have not imitated what already exists. Rather, we have aimed to set forth entirely new forms of culture and practices.There is a natural hesitancy to start new things, even when one knows they will be useful. We at Sansan, however, have created and expanded our market through steady approaches and efforts that gain users’ acceptance. By continuing to tackle these challenges, our goal is to become business infrastructure that continually creates new culture and practices – what we call innovation – in the business world.


Since our establishment in 2007, our group has worked on digitizing paper business cards. Sansan has grown into a B2B service with an 83.5% share* of the B2B cloud-based business card management service market. We can look back and say that we built new value with our own hands and that we have created and, albeit modestly, lead this market. We have also been working to create and expand new businesses by applying the technologies and systems we have developed for digitizing analog information, our competitive advantage. These efforts are not limited to business cards, as they now extend to invoices and contracts. As a result, consolidated net sales for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2021, increased to 16,184 million yen.


Despite all this, if we look from the current situation toward the future, there are still substantial voids in the domestic and global markets. Our newly launched services aimed at invoices, contracts, and business events therefore have substantial room for growth.


The spread of the novel coronavirus has led to drastic changes in the global economy and greater society. One short-term societal change is that the number of physical business cards exchanged has decreased as businesspeople have fewer opportunities to interact in person. The fundamental wish to share business profiles has not changed, but it has become more difficult to exchange business cards as a means of doing this. We believe our role is to create new means to supplement this convention. From a medium- to long-term perspective, we also see this as a unique opportunity to promote new services and functions based on online platforms. These will propel changes in people's habits and behaviors, and are not limited to business card exchange.


Under our mission of Turning encounters into innovation, in the future we must not only grow our existing cloud-based contact management service, but also expand the strengths we have acquired through our ventures in adjacent business areas. And we must thereby generate innovation. We can do this by providing services that promote efficiency and digital transformation for the range of business flows that arise from encounters. This may start with interaction at a business event, progress to the management of customer information after that encounter, and be followed by contract conclusion and invoice processing. Through this approach, we are changing ubiquitous elements of the business world one after another.


We ask our shareholders and investors for their continued support and encouragement.


Chika Terada
Representative Director & CEO
July 2021



* Latest trends in business card management services and sales services [SFA/CRM/online business card exchange], December 2020, Seed Planning, Inc.