Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Under the mission of “Turning encounters into innovation” and the vision of “Become business infrastructure,” the Company is developing businesses. The Company provides an innovative service to the very nature of business and encounters, and the cloud-based solutions that promote digital transformation and reshape how we work to companies and businesspersons facing various business issues. Through this service, the Company will maximize sustainable corporate value and contribute to society while recognizing the importance of gaining the continued trust of all stakeholders.
Based on this recognition, the Company has adopted the system of a company with Audit & Supervisory Committee for the purpose of further improving its corporate governance and enhancing the soundness and transparency of management by reinforcing the supervisory function of the directors. The Company will secure the transparency of management decision-making and the supervision of business execution by having an Audit & Supervisory Committee. At the same time, the Company will establish an internal control system based on the Basic Policy on Internal Control Systems determined by the Board of Directors and ensure its thorough operation while striving to maintain and strengthen corporate governance.

Corporate Governance Report

Provides an explanation of Sansan’s governance system

Countermeasures in Relation to the Risks of Bribery and Corruption

The Group has established a formal Basic Policy Regarding Prevention of Bribery and Corruption and a Specific Code of Conduct.

Countermeasures in Relation to Anti-Social Forces

The Group has established a formal Basic Policy on Eliminating Anti-Social Forces.