We have organized the Group’s approach and activities regarding the SDGs as adopted by the United Nations.


Systems and Working Environment to Support Women’s Careers

To achieve our corporate mission and vision, as we accelerate business growth, it is vital for every employee to maximize results and continue to grow sustainably. We work to improve our environment to increase our employees' productivity. For women, we provide a plan that supports return to work for employees who take maternity or childcare leave. We aid their transition by subsidizing fees for non-registered Japanese nursery schools, and we subsidize babysitting and childcare fees for school-aged children. We aim to support employees so they can balance work and childrearing.

Solving Company Issues and Contributing to Changes in Workstyles through Our Services

The Group services are a business platform enabling various cloud-based tasks. These services also promote companies’ diverse workstyles such as remote working, and—because they reduce time taken for work processes—contribute to creating new sales opportunities for companies by improving productivity and data utilization.

Contributing to an Information Technology Society

The Group handles business cards and other highly confidential business information, so information security is a matter of importance and we take measures to prevent information leaks and ensure security. In addition, our R&D department is continually researching and developing systems for both digitizing and utilizing data, and releases several research reports every year. We will contribute to creating new innovations by utilizing these technological strengths.

Conserving Forests by Planting Trees: Scan for Trees

For every tree ultimately converted into data using Sansan, Bill One, and Contract One, we plant a tree in disaster-affected areas in Japan. We have now planted a total of 10,926 trees (as of May 2022).

Service to Strengthen Corporate Compliance

One of Sansan’s optional functions is the ability to comprehensively check uploaded business card information for any connection to anti-social forces. Sansan users can automatically check for anti-social connections by simply scanning a business card with their dedicated scanner or smartphone application. Thus, we reduce the workload of employees responsible for legal affairs, help companies avoid certain decisions when deciding whether it is safe to do business with an individual, and minimize management risk. Through this service, we are supporting companies in strengthening their corporate compliance.

Supporting NPO Activities: Sansan for NPOs

For nonprofit organizations (NPOs), Sansan provides specially customized plans of its services. Through our support of NPOs’ efforts, we aim to help address various issues in society.