We have organized the Group’s approach and activities regarding the SDGs as adopted by the United Nations.


Systems and Working Environment to Support Women’s Careers

In order to achieve our corporate mission and vision, in addition to accelerating corporate growth, we believe it is vital for every employee to maximize his or her output and maintain sustainable growth, and in turn we are working to establish environments to increase the productivity of employees. With regard to female employees, we promote the early return to work from maternity leave and childcare leave through a system that supports the enrollment in and attendance of—and commute to—kindergarten facilities by covering the entire cost of the facilities and partial cost of taxis, as well as a system to subsidize the cost of babysitters to support female employees balancing work and family.

Solving Company Issues and Contributing to Changes in Workstyles through Our Services

The Group services are a business platform enabling various cloud-based tasks. These services also promote companies’ diverse workstyles such as remote working, and—because they reduce time taken for work processes—contribute to creating new sales opportunities for companies by improving productivity and data utilization.

Contributing to an Information Technology Society

The Group handles business cards and other highly confidential business information, so information security is a matter of importance and we take measures to prevent information leaks and ensure security. In addition, our R&D department is continually researching and developing systems for both digitizing and utilizing data, and releases several research reports every year. We will contribute to creating new innovations by utilizing these technological strengths.

Conserving Forests by Planting Trees: Scan for Trees

We recognize the social importance of restoring natural capital in order to maintain sustainable business activities, and are carrying out our CSV activity, Scan for Trees, through our core business. We plant one tree—in areas in Japan impacted by disasters—every time the total number of business cards digitized via Sansan reaches the equivalent of one tree. We have now planted a total of 8,723 trees (as of May 2021).

Service to Strengthen Corporate Compliance

One of Sansan’s optional functions is the ability to comprehensively check uploaded business card information for any connection to anti-social forces. Sansan users can automatically check for anti-social connections by simply scanning a business card with their dedicated scanner or smartphone application. Thus, we reduce the workload of employees responsible for legal affairs, help companies avoid certain decisions when deciding whether it is safe to do business with an individual, and minimize management risk. Through this service, we are supporting companies in strengthening their corporate compliance.

Supporting NPO Activities: Sansan for NPOs

To ensure non-profit organizations can use Sansan services over the long term, we offer customized special pricing plans for NPOs. We are contributing to solving social issues by supporting the activities of a variety of NPOs.