Under the mission of “Turning encounters into innovation,” the Group is developing services tied to solving various issues that companies and business people face, such as business card management, by using new approaches that combine “technology and data-input-based business card digitization systems” with “cloud software.”


Specifically, the Group operates the Sansan Business, which provides “Sansan,” a B2B cloud-based business card management service that enables users to digitize business cards in order to visualize and share the networks between individuals, and the Eight Business, which operates “Eight”: Your Business Card Management App that incorporates a system of social networking services and changes business cards into a business network. In addition, the DSOC (Data Strategy & Operation Center), which serves as Data Integration Division, takes on the job of digitizing business cards as both business’s shared infrastructure. The DSOC continues to pursue new technology development and improvement in data-input operations.


The Sansan and Eight Businesses that the Group provides are services used by many companies and business people and are based on a basic business need of business card management, and the data and information collected form the backbone of those services. Therefore, we believe that there is high potential for syncing with other services and databases and that all the requirements are there for a business platform. Accordingly, by increasing the value of these two businesses as a business platform, we believe they have the special characteristic of providing easy access to various business opportunities.

Sansan Business

In the Sansan Business, the Company develops “Sansan,” the B2B cloud-based business card management service, based on the concept of “Effortless organization. Seamlessly simple.” By using “Sansan” to solve various issues faced by companies, such as “information on the exchange of business cards is not shared within the company” and “we don’t think about the value held by business card information,” and change the business cards with dormant potential in the company into an asset that can be used through business activities, we believe we are able to maximize the value of business “encounters.” Simply by having the user companies scan their business cards, it becomes possible to accurately digitize the business card information using data input operators, etc. of the Group and of external information processing partners and use “AI Contact Management” through the cloud-based applications. With these features, not only can individual employees manage their business cards, it also becomes possible to share Contact Data throughout the organization. Furthermore, Sansan provides a broad range of customer management tools, such as the distribution of news on personnel changes to inform people of the latest personnel information and the ability to send batch emails.


Furthermore, in addition to these basic functions, we also provide “Collaboration with Colleagues” with a feature that provides access to in-house address books, thereby facilitating the smooth sharing of information among co-workers, and a feature that enables visualization of in-house strengths and knowledge, and “Sansan Data Hub,” which enables syncing with in-house databases and advanced aggregation of complex customer data. Through the ability to quickly access the cloud-based Contact Data from PCs or smartphones and the ability to utilize the functions to search such data and use call/messaging functions, etc., business people are able to realize improvements in productivity, general office operations, and cost cutting benefits. Moreover, we believe that the ability to share Contact Data inside the organization, aggregate the customer data existing inside the company and other such benefits will give shape to advanced marketing activities, customer management, and the like that will lead to the creation of business opportunities for the user company.


As a business model, the Company is pursuing a monthly fee for licenses on the premise of all staff members in the user company using the service (company-wide use). The monthly usage fee is calculated by the usage fees of the optional functions, scanner rental fees, etc. being added to the license cost, which is calculated based on the number of business cards that are digitized in the user company. In addition, at the time the service is being introduced, additional paid services are provided relating to the digitization of the existing large volumes of paper-format business cards retained by the user company, activities to support introduction, etc.

Eight Business

In the Eight Business, the Company operates the business card application “Eight” as the new business network service that goes beyond pure business card management to incorporate a system of social networking services based on the concept of “Business-Focused SNS Connected with Business Cards.”


We believe that through using “Eight,” it will be possible to resolve issues that business people struggle with such as “I’m not making use of my business encounters” and “I cannot easily access my business card information.” “Eight,” like “Sansan,” is a service whereby the business card information of the user and their contacts are accurately digitized simply through scanning the business cards. First, by registering their own business card, the user creates their own page, which they can use throughout their business life, and on that page, they are able to manage their profile. Next, by registering the business cards of their contacts, the user is able to make use of the business card management functions, and all the Contact Data that has been converted to cloud-based data can be accessed at any time from either a smartphone or a PC. Furthermore, when the information of a contact who is connected through the networking service changes, the most recent information will be automatically updated in the registered Contact Data, and the user will be notified of this change. Users are also able to use a messaging function for business chats, and they are able to more smoothly utilize their own personal business networks. Users can also use the service for collecting corporate information that interests them and performing job searching activities.


As a business model, the Company bases the business on the application that enables users to use the profile management and business card management features at no cost. On top of this, the Company provides the B2C services, “Eight Premium,” for individuals who want access to extra user functions and the B2B services such as “Eight Company Premium,” a service that allows the sharing of business cards registered on “Eight” within a company, “Eight Ads,” a service that enables advertisements to be disseminated to “Eight” users, and “Eight Career Design,” a recruitment related service that enables hiring companies (corporate client users) to approach job seekers (individual users) on the job search platform.