Sansan – service for sales DX (digital transformation)

Sansan is a comprehensive service for sales DX (digital transformation), serving as the database to power sales.

The database to power your sales

Major functions

Sansan maintains a standardized database of companies that allows users to browse various items of corporate information.


Sansan combines the information obtained from all points of customer contact and the information in the contact database, building a database unique to the user company, thereby strengthening organizational and individual sales capabilities.

Database unique to user company


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Sansan maintains a standardized database of companies. This allows users to browse a range of corporate information, letting them check details such as a company’s industry, number of employees, net sales, and executive information. Regardless of the level of information, whether the user is online or offline, contact information obtained from all points of customer contact, such as business card or email exchanges and business negotiation histories, can be accurately digitized, accumulated, and visualized as a contact database via Sansan’s AI technology and input methods.


Combining contact database information with the database of companies enables building of a database on Sansan that is unique to the user company. This includes information not only on companies the user has come into contact with but also this with which there has been no contact.


Also, by linking and integrating with external systems, such as CRM and marketing automation tools, Sansan expands the possibilities for utilizing data, such as using a database for marketing. Sansan also incorporates functions that keep track of corporate reorganizations and personnel changes, keeps the database up to date, and notifies users of corporate news.


Business model

Our usage plans accommodate client companies.

Business model

Monthly usage fees are calculated by fees, such as for scanner rental, added to a license cost, which is calculated based on factors such as the user company’s size usage.


Also, at introduction of the service, additional paid services are provided for needs such as digitizing existing large volumes of paper business cards retained by the user company, and activities for supporting introduction and adoption of the system.

Bill One – cloud-based invoice management solution

Bill One enables receipt, digitization, and centralization of invoices for companies.

Bill One

Basic functions

Bill One is a DX-oriented solution that helps companies work faster and more efficiently by allowing online receipt of all invoices. Invoices can be sent to multiple branches and departments in a company in both paper and PDF formats. The system boosts efficiency of invoicing work across the organization.


The Bill One scanning center receives paper invoices on behalf of the customer and quickly digitizes them at 99.9% accuracy. Bill One also digitizes PDF files and digital other invoices received by email and other means.


In addition to centralizing digitized invoices to be viewed on a cloud platform, company workflows such as invoice confirmation and approval can be completed online. This solution helps to expedite monthly accounting operations, such as closing.


With invoice information centrally managed in a highly searchable database, it also becomes easier to search for specific data. This advantage not only improves business productivity, but also enables use of data to control costs, generate sales, and maximize future profit opportunities. Additionally, the data can be used together with third-party services, such as accounting systems. In addition, we began offering an invoicing function in July 2022.

Basic functions

* Digitization accuracy when satisfying conditions set by Sansan, Inc.
** Planning to released in Summer 2023.

Business model

The Bill One usage fee consists of an initial cost, including installation support from a dedicated consultant, and a monthly cost based on the number of digitized invoices.


We also offer a plan for companies with 100 or less employees, aimed at encouraging the introduction of remote work and reforming work styles. This plan has no initial cost or monthly fee after certain conditions have been set.



Eight – contact and career management app

We provide an Eight based on the “manage your contacts and your career” idea.


Major functions

Through the scanning of business cards equipped with functions to automatically create a user’s own career profile and manage personal connections, Eight is being developed as an app used by more than 3 million business people.

Major functions

First, by scanning their business card, users create their own page on Eight that reflects their exact assignments, title, etc. By adding information that is not written on their business cards, such as work history and educational background, they can then create original profiles. 


Next, just by scanning the business card of the people with whom they have exchanged business cards, the business card information will be accurately converted into data, and they will be able to easily manage and search their own personal connections on the cloud. 


In addition, if there are changes to the business cards of the people with whom they are connected via Eight, users can receive notifications and use the posting function on the feed to get the latest status information on other people. 


Eight users can efficiently gather information useful for their self-improvement, information on companies that they had not gained previously, and information useful for career building, such as job vacancy information. 


By setting the level of their intention to seek new employment, users are able to receive company information and approaches from recruitment scouts.

Business model

Eight offers a paid B2B  plan for companies and a B2C plan for individuals.

Business model

* B2B services in the Eight business include event transcription services for the media logmi Biz, logmi Finance and logmi Tech provided by logmi, Inc

** There is an additional charge when a decision to hire is made.
*** There is a minimum advertisement placement price and also a normal advertisement menu.
**** There are multiple fee settings depending on the type of event held, etc.